Indonesia’s beef consumption to increase

Beef consumption in Indonesia will double as the middle class continues to grow and the government encourages people to eat more meat. Indonesian Ambassador to Australia, Nadjib Riphat Kesoema estimates there are 60 million middle class Indonesians with a growing appetite for protein. He said the number is expected to reach 150 million in 20 years. “Now the consumption of beef is about 2.3 kg/capita. The government is determined to double or triple it in 10-20 years’ time. With the cooperation of Australia, I believe it will happen,” he said.

Indonesia’s copra meal consumption to increase

Copra meal consumption in Indonesia for animal feed is expected to rise to 205,000 tonnes in 2015/16 and 210,000 tonnes in 2016/17, following the general trend of animal feed production growth in the country, according to a USDA GAIN report. Based on copra crush and coconut oil production, Indonesia is expected to produce 515,000 tonnes of copra meal in 2015/16 and 510,000 tonnes in 2016/17. Declines in meal production keep pace with declines in coconut production, the report said.

Re-post from: Asian Agribusiness