Indonesia to allocate millions to import breeding cattle

With an aim for feeder beef cattle self-sufficiency, Indonesia this year plans to import 50,000 heads of breeder cows from Australia. Muladno, Director General of Livestock and Animal Health said the cows will be distributed to farmer groups in different regions in the country. “This project will require USD 98 million,” he told Asian Agribiz. Dr Muladno explained that livestock and veterinary experts, feedlotters and academics will be enlisted to ensure the success of the project. He added that the government is considering abolishing the import duty for breeder cows which is at 5% currently.


Cattle farmers oppose Indonesia’s zone based imports

Indonesian President Joko Widodo signed a Government Regulation (PP) on the Animal Husbandry and Animal Health earlier this month, allowing import of beef and cattle from zones within countries. Responding to this, local cattle farmers said this is inconsistent with the country’s effort to maintain its foot and mouth disease (FMD) free status. Ilham Akhmadi, owner of Bhumi Andhini Farm said: “If the government allows imports from India for instance, it will kill small and medium scale farmers.” Meanwhile, Kurnia Achjadi from Bogor Agricultural University said the government has to tighten import requirements from countries that are not yet free from FMD as this could harm the local industry.

Re-post from: Asian Agribusiness